Who We Are?

Our Mission

When we found magnet fishing as a hobby we were hooked immediately, and enticed by the potential sunken treasures we might find. 

On our adventures we got a lot of positive attention from people walking by that saw both the thrill of the search, as well as the environmental side to it.

We hope to inspire other people to try and get to enjoy this amazing activity as much as we do!

A beautiful magnet fishing spot.

Extraordinary Experiences

Many people have had the fortune to experience the magnet fishing jackpot, pulling some valuable and cool items out of the depths, amazed by what they found.

People have found everything from junk to old coins, jewelry, safes, guns, antique tools, old signs and every thing you could imagine in between.

Our Core Values

Magnet fishing is not just exciting but also good for the environment if the finds are disposed of in a correct manner. So stay safe and leave the spot better than you found it.

  • Respectfulness
  • Enviromentalism
  • Adventure