The BEst Magnet Fishing FInds - Gallery

The 10 Best Magnet fishing finds

Magnet fishers all over the world have come up with all kinds of treasures, some more expensive or valuable than others. Sure, most of the time you’ll only get rusty pieces of junk. But at the best of times you can actually pull something really cool while magnet fishing. 

Some of the best and coolest magnet fishing finds include, Grenades, Safes, Guns, Swords, Old Coins, WWII Memorabilia, and an old Enigma Machine. Check out our list of the 10 best magnet fishing finds right here with a larger gallery below.

Magnet Fishing Finds - Gallery

Everything you find while magnet fishing aren’t valuable unfortunately, most of it is just rusty pieces of junk. What isn’t worth a lot of money can still be very cool to find though. Here is a gallery of magnet fishing finds of all sorts and sizes. 

Everything you need to know about magnet fishing you will find here, this is the complete guide to magnet fishing.

If you would like your finds to be in the gallery, send me an email and we’ll make it happen. Enjoy!