Best spot for magnet fishing

Where is the best spot to go magnet fishing?

There are a lot of valuable treasure spots where you can go magnet fishing if you get to know your local area and the spots near where you live. 

Once you begin magnet fishing you will definitely ask yourself “Where are the best spot for magnet fishing near me?”. They are actually quite easy to find if you know where to look and what to search for.

Magnet fishing map to find a spot near me.

Best spots for magnet fishing Near you

These are the best magnet fishing spots to look for near you, that you might come up with of the top of your mind. That is the best way to begin your treasure hunting adventure if you were wondering where to magnet fish the first time.

Once you have gone through the most obvious locations in your local area, you might want to look a bit further down, to see how to uncover old historical sites near you that might hold a magnet fishing jackpot. 

1. Urban Rivers With Lots Of Foot Traffic

Anywhere there are people, there is an equal amount of thrash and junk, so the more people the more junk there are.

With that being said, there is also a fraction of these junk items that turn out to be quite valuable. You will probably find watches, coins, jewelry among other things.  

2. Industrial Sites From Past Times

On old sites of production or industry there were always some produced items or tools that were lost to to water. 

Either that be wastage because of a faulty product or by mistake during transport. With any luck you might turn up something that holds value with certain collectors.

3. Under Old Bridges

When going magnet fishing in an urban area you have to ask yourself, at witch spots can you hide stuff in plane sight?

People usually react if you throw some junk in the water, so to avoid detection people look for bridges to hide under, disposing their secrets. 

4. Old Wells at Farms

Wells have since the beginning of time been used to make wishes. So over time a well will accumulate a ton of old coins that might have grown valuable over the years. The older the well, the bigger potential for treasure.

And, let’s not forget all the old collectible farmer tools that has been lost, never thought to be recovered until now.

5. Fishing Ponds and Lakes

The best spot to go magnet fishing, often coincide with where you would go fishing in a more traditional sense. If it is also a lake for swimming there is no guessing at what you might find. 

If it is primarily a fishing spot, then you will hopefully find lures in abundance. If they are not too run down they might actually hold some value.

6. Public Piers And Fishing Docks

People have always found spots by the water to be peaceful and water has been a source for prosperity for every large civilization that has ever existed. 

So imagine all the things that has been dropped or lost in the waterways of an urban area, the potential is huge. 

7. Dams and Natural Barriers

Anywhere that controls the water-flow or acts as a bottleneck of sorts gathers every small object that the current brings downriver over time. 

If you are lucky, there is a blocked of river near you that holds some interesting finds.

8. Old Battlegrounds Of War

Old battlegrounds have been appealing to treasure hunters of all times, just as magnet fishers find them now. 

Most often they have been searched with metal detectors on land many times over, but the water have often been discarded out of laziness and a lack of means. 

There is no telling as to what means of war you might find so be careful in handling any finds until you are certain they are safe.

Are there any Historic Sites To Go Magnet Fishing Near Me?

Every place has their on exciting history, either that be skirmishes of war or old industrial towns built over and modernized as time moved on. 

If you know your local history, then these places will come to mind right away. If not, then you must use the tools at your disposal to find out. Maybe there are elders you can ask, or museums to visit, and there is the wonderful thing known as the internet too.

These amazing interactive maps show famous historic locations that you might or might not know about. Hopefully you will find a magnet fishing spot near you in there.

This is a great site with an interactive map of all the skirmishes, and full on battles, of the civil war. It has locations with infinite magnet fishing potential that hopefully are near you.

If you find yourself thinking “Wow, this magnet fishing spot is near me”, you will definitely want to visit this magnet fishing spot as it may be a goldmine of cool finds.

Check out the map here!

If you happen to live in the UK, then this is the map for you to check out!

This is an interactive map, made by a great history site dedicated to the weird, gruesome, and sometimes strange history of the UK.

You will not only find the locations of battle or castles near you, but also the history behind it so you know what you can hope to find when magnet fishing!

These are maps with huge historical knowledge for you to go through.

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Stay Safe And Legal

Always stay safe, and take every precaution at your disposal when going magnet fishing. Some finds may be dangerous to you and people around you. Weapons or sharp objects are sometimes found, if that happens, authorities should be contacted immediately to dispose of any dangerous object. Danger is not only limited to what you might find in the water. Animal attacks or accidental injuries can occur, be careful out there.

Keep track of your local legislation regarding where you are allowed to go without permission from the land owner as well as the legality of magnet fishing as a hobby. is not responsible for your actions out there, only you are, and have not been to most of the places suggested in the maps ourselves. Take care and have fun!

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