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Magnet Fishing

This is a complete guide on how to begin fishing for sunken treasures in the murky depths near you! We will look at everything you will need or may require in your magnet fishing adventures to come. 

We will take a closer look at the best magnet fishing kit and the proper rope to get, as well as some tips and tricks and potential treasure locations near you.

Magnet fishing finds a rusty nail.

So, What Is Magnet Fishing?

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the murky depths, imagined what treasures that might be found under the surface?

Well, instead of a lure you tie in a powerful Neodymium Fishing Magnet onto a rope and throw it into a body of water hoping to pull out a metallic ferromagnetic object. Most often folk hope for a valuable or rare item, a treasure you might say. Most often, though, are smaller objects from past times found such as coins, jewelry, nails, bullets, or some other not so valuable yet very exciting junk. You will also often come across bigger items that would require a larger Fishing Magnet like bikes, weapons, electric scooters, shopping carts and even safes. 

Neodymium Magnet Fishing is a mix of environmentalism and an adventurous search for treasures and rare objects. It has been a huge deal in Europe for a couple of years and is now gaining traction in America, where many exciting treasures lie waiting to be found.

All you need to actually get started with this inexpensive and thrilling hobby is a Magnet Fishing Kit, and there are basically two types to choose from.

Top Mounted Fishing Magnet Kit

A Neodymium fishing magnet with a top mounted eyebolt is best  suited for fishing from a bridge, pier, dock, boat.

It is also recommended in urban canals and other places where you stand above and lower it down to the deep water and there is no need to throw it out.

Double Sided Fishing Magnet Kit

A side mounted, double sided neodymium fishing magnet is best suited when you need to throw it out and pull it back in, dragging it along the seabed. 

It is a more versatile choice and best suited for a beginner.

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Best Setup For Your Magnet Fishing Kit

A magnet fishing kit that is bought online usually offers you the required parts, a magnet and a rope, that are essential for your treasure hunt. My best recommendation would be a fishing magnet with a pulling strength of about 500 to 1200 pounds to begin with.  

A rope is obviously also a must have, but there are other quite important accessories as well. Some or all of these items may be included in the magnet fishing kit, the best ones have everything you could possibly need for your setup and then some. 

It is not by far necessary to get these all-in-one packs though. As long as you get a fishing magnet and a good rope or paracord then the rest of the items could easily be assembled at home.

So What Else Do You Need Then?

When preparing your magnet fishing kit it is best to put some loctite glue on the treads of the bolt before screwing on the eyebolt. This is done to ensure that it does not come of after some use. If you choose not to, make sure eyebolt is tightened between every couple of throws.

It is recommended and often included a pair of gloves to use while pulling, to avoid burning or blistering your hands on the rope, and avoid cutting yourself on sharp and rusty objects. When pulling up heavy objects whether that be a safe or a snagged branch, gloves will always come in handy.

Other stuff that are useful to have are a plastic bucket to collect your smaller finds, such as nails, fishing hooks, coins, keys, etc. You might also find a need for a wire-brush to get some of the rust off.

A Magnet Fishing Grappling Hook Might Be A Good Tip

If you are having trouble getting your catch out of the water using only a fishing magnet, a grappling hook could be used for the last stretch of the way. The best and largest magnet fishing kits some times include this but it is usually not necessary. You could always leave your find in the water and come back for it at a later time, with more tools at your disposal than just your fishing magnet.

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The Best Fishing Magnet

For fishing you need incredibly strong magnets compared to their small size. The ones that are universally accepted as the obvious choice for fishing, are rare-earth neodymium magnets. They have a huge pull-force against metallic-ferrous objects. 

For the best results in magnet fishing, strength between 300 to about 3000 pounds of pulling force is recommended. That is between 140 to about 1400 kilos for all the European readers.

It might seem like A LOT. But what you have to realize is how they measure these values. For that much pulling-force to be engaged, the ferrous object have to be completely flat, 1 cm thick, and cover the whole magnetic surface of the fishing magnet.

What size magnet do I need for magnet fishing?

Anywhere between a 300 to 3000 pound magnet is best for magnet fishing in most cases. My personal magnet fishing tip would be to get a 800 pound double sided magnet for your first purchase as it is both powerful and versatile.

Is it not a bit overkill getting a fishing magnet that strong?

No, because you will practically never meet the perfect conditions mentioned above when you are magnet fishing, thus never using the maximum amount of pulling force available. Very few objects, like bikes or scrap-metal, are completely flat to begin with, and rust is almost always covering them as “padding” between the item and the magnet. Therefore you will most often only get a fraction of its potential pulling-force, and that is why you have to compensate upwards and get a fishing magnet that seems a tad too powerful.

There are some different brands of fishing magnets out there, like Brute Magnetics, King Kong, Wukong Magnets, King Kong Magnetics, Muscular Magnetics, all offering their products at Amazon. but the best thing is that it really doesn’t matter what you get. A magnet is just a magnet as long as the seller is trustworthy. Therefore the best tip i can give you is to pay as little as possible for your fishing magnet as long as the reviews are good.

What is the best rope for magnet fishing?

With a strong magnet you need a strong rope that is both durable, water-resistant, and can withstand both abrasion and cutting, against sharp rocks and objects. I would say that a nylon paracord between 50 ft and 100 ft is needed depending on the location you want to go fishing.

My best magnet fishing tips would be to get two 75 ft paracords that you can tie together if the need would arise. If so, you are prepared for every condition you will face. Whether that be throwing a double sided fishing magnet in a shallow river or dropping it down from the top of a pier.

Do not miss though that there are different nylon paracords that vary in strength. Make sure to get a paracord grade high enough to at least matches the force your magnet is able to pull. And make sure you use a  proper Palomar knot securing the magnet to the rope.

The best rope for magnet fishing all tangled up

The Best Spot To Go Magnet Fishing - Location Tips

When looking for a good magnet fishing spot you might want to consider how many people that pass by on a daily basis. A good revenue of people often result in a lot of lost coins, jewelry, wallets, watches as well of a lot of littering. But the amount of people that pass by can also have been in the past. So any place with a history of industry or war is usually also a good spot to find antique objects and collectibles.

Here is a quick list of places to look for. If you want even more tips for your magnet fishing adventures check this in-depth article including a treasure map of potential sites of war where history might have buried it’s past.

1. Busy Urban City Rivers

Urban rivers is probably the best of my magnet fishing tips for finding a lot of stuff quickly. Just be aware that a lot of people passing by results in substantial amounts of junk too.

2. Abandoned Industrial Facilities

Anywhere that is abandoned there have usually been a lot of thrashing and thrown away stuff too. You can often find large metallic objects that has been dropped by mistake or thrown in after the place became abandoned. 

3. Under Smaller Bridges

When people are throwing stuff away illegally or hide stuff they don’t want it to be found. So, where do they hide it? Under a bridge of course. There is a reason there are folktales of trolls under bridges to keep folk from looking for their hidden treasures.

4. Farm Wells And Fishing Ponds

Old wells can be a real treasure trove. It was often used as wishing wells back in the days and can have accumulated an old fortune in coins. It is similar to fishing ponds today, many people throw in a coin or other small valuable for luck.

5. Piers And Docks

Many people use these places to transfer between a boat and main land, or just stand very close to the edge fishing or enjoying the view. That being said you can imaging all the things dropped or lost in the water beneath. Not to mention all the fishing lures you will find.

6. Historical Sites Of War

Any where with a long history of prosperity or war you can find a lot of interesting old artifacts. My best tips would be to check out this map of old war locations. Perhaps you will find some thrilling object from past times.

Magnet Fishing Tips & Tricks

Besides the exciting thrill of the adventure or the anticipation of the next possible treasure spot you have come up with, there are some other matters to keep in mind.

As an environmental hobby there are some ethics to live by. Anything you you pull from the waters, are not to be thrown back in. These metal objects do not belong in the water and can contaminate it over time and disrupt the ecosystem.

Please, try and bring with you some form of storage that you can use to bring your magnet fishing finds with you and dispose of them in a recycling station.

Man throwing a magnet fishing magnet into lake.

Stay Safe When Looking For Your Next Magnet Fishing Finds

When magnet fishing it is important to respect the rules of the land and people around you. It is not always allowed to fish and and that includes magnet fishing. 

Be careful about where you throw your magnet. If you have a strong magnet you do not want it to get stuck on a metal beam or something similar where it will be difficult to get it to detach itself from. Also do not keep it near any electronic devices, like a phone or computer as it might demagnetize the hard drive and damage it.

If any items, such as weapons or obviously stolen goods are found, you should contact the police as a general rule. You should look up the local law on this yourself to make sure you do right by yourself and don’t get in trouble.

Why is magnet fishing illegal?

The short answer is that it both is and isn’t. It depends on where you are in the world. What is true for practically everywhere is that magnet fishing is a grey-zone because there are often no direct laws on this wonderful outdoor hobby of ours. 

If you want to know more about the magnet fishing laws where you live you can get a deeper dive into the matter in this article right here.

Magnet Fishing Finds - Junk & Treasures

One of many magnet fishing tips is that someone’s junk is another mans treasure. And that is true for a multitude of reasons. Junk can be very interesting on its own, in telling the story of a place. And with time, a lot of items gain value and become collectibles that are deeply treasured by some.

Check out this gallery with a top 10 list of the best magnet fishing finds to date.

Some of the more valuable or dangerous finds when magnet fishing was even reported in the papers and on the news. Like this boy who found an unexploded World War Two bomb. But grenades and weapons along with safes full of gems.

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